Stupid and Ignorant but can’t be Blamed….or can they?

Bipolar First Bipolar Together

hEY y’all get this

The other day I was at an event of sorts.  You know lots of people.  Many who know each other talking loudly in circles.  I was mostly quiet with my small band of mostly quiet companions.

I found myself overhearing a neighboring conversation and though I tried to take note of what their conversation originated with so that I could tell you guys, it has since evaporated from my mind.

but anyway. you’re like what is the point here?

I’m saying all of this because as these people were talking about the various volunteering styles of people who must be in their organization or whatever one of them said and I quote….(you have to imagine a very garrulous good ole boy(lady) kind of yucking it up)…

“..(chuckle chuckle)….That guy over there..he is BIPOLAr!..(chuckle chuckle) …he is like one minute he is SAD and the next he…

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