Bipolar Med noncompliance…blame the Victim..

Very thoughtful, said better than I could have

Bipolar First Bipolar Together

okay I already wrote this post but somehow lost it so even though I am extremely annoyed I’m going to do it again.  But if this one sucks that is why.  The first one was out of this world. ha. But now I have like 8 and a half mins.  Lets go

The other title for this is meds and judgement.

So sure.  I am sure there may be some people out there who have unsavory reasons for not taking their meds.

I am not saying that med noncompliance is not a big problem.  I’m not saying that it isn’t dangerous.  I am  NOT saying that you shouldn’t take your meds. What I am talking about in this post is the general attitude (not ours) about it.  Yet another post about the unfair attitudes toward us and judgements of us. Yes I know, ANOTHER ONE.  It does get old.  But…

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2 thoughts on “Bipolar Med noncompliance…blame the Victim..

  1. I actually cannot be on psych drugs because I consistently experience the suicidality side effect. This has happened on 4/5 of the psych drugs I have been on. I made the decision that playing around with these drugs is not what I want so I have been managing for many years. People have seen this as a reason to devalue my experience which is unfair.


  2. I certainly understand that. My son, who also has bipolar often doesn’t take meds, and never takes more than an antidepressant, because he says that he can’t compose music when he’s on much else. It works for him.


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