We can’t Not Talk about it…we’re Bipolar Together

This says it so well…

Bipolar First Bipolar Together

Alright ready for some fun?

yeah! awesome!

We are going to do one of those little visualization thingies.

Close your eyes (figuratively) and

Picture a big pit of toxic stinking sludge.

Like really get in there with your imagination and make it putrid…horrible.

Yeah. That’s good.

Okay now imagine that you’re in it.

Up to your head.


See we always have fun here.

Okay now imagine that you can’t handle it anymore and want out by any means possible.

Shouldn’t be hard if you imagined it right.

Now look around you

Up around on the edges of the pit are clean showered smiling people.

Maybe they are sipping Starbucks or mimosas

and chit chatting.

They don’t see you.

You like it like this.

Because who would want to be seen like this.

Especially because they don’t understand why

you don’t




Once in awhile one comes up…

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