You don’t stop Puking just because You KNOW that you’re sick….same thing with Bipolar

Bipolar First Bipolar Together

This is one of my favorite analogies for Bipolar disorder!


I feel like people have some sort of expectation regarding Bipolar and depression.

It goes something like this…

the knowledge that You are dealing with Bipolar disorder alone should be enough to make you feel better….

and like ease the symptoms up.

We even tend to do this to ourselves…

As in

“I know this is just Bipolar and it’s not true that no one cares about me and life is meaningless and I should just die….but somehow I just can’t stop tHINKING that.  And feeling truly miserable.”


add onto that the expectation that

nice things should equal feeling better

(by feeling better I mean that you should stop feeling the intense internal indescribable agony of Bipolar Disorder)



You know how it goes.

you or someone else says to you….

“You had bacon and pancakes this…

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