World Mental Health Day

I was too lazy to write a Mental Health Day post, so I thought I’d reblog a nice simple one that I like.


Today is World Mental Health Day. And that’s all I have to say about that. Well actually I have this to say as well: take your medications, see your psychiatrist regularly, talk to a therapist, go to support groups, do meditation, relaxation and yoga, have a wide circle of good friend with whom you get together regularly, have something meaningful to do in your life, have meaningful relationships with significant others, raise your children well, pets are good if you don’t kill them, and viola! You will have oodles of mental health. Oh yes physical exercise, don’t forget physical exercise. And if you still end up in a psych ward in some hospital, well then you just get better and do all those things all over again. But, truly, if you do all of the things above, chances are slim to none that you will ever be an inpatient in…

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