what Exactly IS the difference between Mania and Hypomania?

I’ve often pondered this….

Bipolar First Bipolar Together

Mania or Hypomania?

That is the question.

Sometimes it is blaringly obvious which one we are experiencing.

Um yeah.


other times we have to once again flip through the pages of the rule books trying to find something that makes sense of our experience.

So where the hell is that dividing line between hypomania and mania?

That is funny that I used the word “line”.  Like Bipolar cares about the lines we try to draw.  Like Bipolar would do anything straight.

It’s like trying to measure a river with a ruler.

Bipolar is laughing and throwing Skittles at us.  Or scorpions.

Ya know.  It depends.

I lost the plot….okay… anyway

Why do we care where this “line” is?

Well because it is sort of the dividing factor for whether we get to be a Bipolar 1 or a Bipolar 2.  And lots of us really want to know the…

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