Not taking your meds? Don’t worry, there’s a drug for that.

Here’s another take on something I blogged about at and here as well. I find this to be, in my words, “creepy”. While there are some possible “good” uses of this, overall I am against it.

Pride in Madness

I’ll be blunt. This disturbs the crap out of me.fda

The FDA, in the USA, is reviewing a drug that could tell doctors and caregivers if the person under their care is taking their medication. This is specifically being targeted towards individuals with mental health issues. Using a combination of Abilify (an antipsychotic) and a “digital sensor the size of a pencil tip”, doctors will be able to monitor if their patients are taking their psych drugs as prescribed.

The thought of this drug seriously makes me feel sick to my stomach. I can, of course, stretch my mind and think, “Oh, this is great because people should adhere to their medication to gain the positive effects,”…but…..that makes me feel sick too. This drug just oozes oppression, mistrust and lack of personal autonomy. I can surrender my personal beliefs about psych drugs and admit that some people, to…

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