What If I’m not Really Bipolar…NOBODY is textbook Bipolar

Come into the clubhouse…

Bipolar First Bipolar Together

Except maybe Patty Duke.  She seems to be.

Another title of this was going to be

“Get Your DSM Off my Bipolar”

and another one was going to be

“What is REAL Bipolar..the threads that join us all”

One deep

One cutesy.

So whatever

C’est moi


But there are a couple of things in this one that all deserve a title….

  1. The question so many of us ask ourselves……”Am I making it up?”
  2. No one is textbook Bipolar.  It is OUR Bipolar NOT theirs.
  3. If #2 is true then what is it that we share?

Wow that sounds so organized.

Don’t worry.  It is still me.

Does it help if I confess that I already wrote this and added that number bit in now?


okay cool



Many of us ask this…think this…

At some point or another in the whole journey after diagnosis…

or maybe…

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