What’s So Offensive about “I am Bipolar”?

Read Gabe Howard’s linked post as well!

Bipolar First Bipolar Together

This is a hot topic in our community.  I have wanted to write a post about it but I came across this article on the magical thing that is this Twitter and I thought…

oh good now I don’t have to do that.


I believe that part of the reason that

I AM Bipolar rubs us the wrong way is because

society views Bipolar as a




In a sense there is stigma attached to it.


People don’t really seem to flinch when they use other adjectives like

I am diabetic I am asthmatic etc

Those aren’t considered to be bad

Maybe because they aren’t considered to be a character defect by some.

And I don’t think the people who use the other terms

feel like in using them that they are saying that they are now

ALL asthmatic

that asthma is now who they are

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