New tattoo


As some of you know, I have a semicolon tattoo on my left wrist. “A semicolon is where an an author could have ended the sentence, but chose to continue instead. The author is you, and the sentence is your life.”


The quote above used to be placed prominently the website, but for some reason, maybe a legal one, they have taken it down. It sums up the movement perfectly in any case.

The tattoo is very popular with suicide attempt survivors, self-injurers, and pretty much anyone with a mental illness or who supports someone with a mental illness. It’s popular on T shirts as well, I have two T shirts and a hoodie with a semicolon on the front, and “Your story isn’t over.” on the back. The back also has a NAMI logo and on the back. Our local affiliate sells them as a fundraiser, we’ve sold over $300 of them so far. Sorry to turn an article about tattoos into an ad for shirts…

Here are some semicolon tattoo images:

Here is mine, on my left wrist:


I like it a lot, and decided to get a related tattoo on my right wrist, I chose “My story isn’t over.”, a fairly common sentiment. I thought of at least one totally original statement, but decided that I liked the more common one more. I guess there is a reason it’s more common. The picture at the top of the article is my new tattoo.

Would you get a mental health related tattoo? Let us know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “New tattoo

  1. I love your new tattoo. So full of meaning that words seem silly.

    I always wanted a tattoo of a butterfly..surprise! bet that’s a shock…

    now I would love to get it…I’m at a place in my life where is makes more sense and the butterfly has grown in its meaning and significance for me…..

    my husband ain’t crazy about the idea however…..

    and knowing all of my sensitivities I’d probably have some allergic reaction 😦

    but maybe. If anyone knows of natural kinds of tattoo inks let me know!


  2. Thanks!

    I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but assumed that my wife would object too strongly. Then about 7 months ago, she surprised me by suggesting we get semicolon tattoos. Now I’ve gotten the “My story isn’t over.”, and she’s thinking of either a bow and arrow or a butterfly.

    I do worry a little since I’ll be looking for a job when I get out of school, but unlike the past, I can be picky about who I work for. That and long sleeves. 🙂

    I think a butterfly would be great!

    I’ve read that almost no one is allergic to black ink, but if you have allergies to metal, you should get a small bit of the colors in question where they can’t be seen, and if it heals w/o any allergic reaction, all is well, if not, pick different brands of ink or different colors and repeat. I’m not allergic to anything non-organic, so I’m not too worried about it if I go for color some day.


  3. If you really want one (ignore if you don’t), I wouldn’t let the needle bother you. Unless you look while the needle is being put in, or ask to see the machine in detail, it’s pretty much hidden. The machine looks like a pen with some electromagnet coils, just a tube on the end that gets dipped in ink. The pain is a lot less than I would have ever expected, at least on the wrists, my artist says pretty much anywhere on the arm isn’t bad. The left wrist hurt a little, less than a sunburn (a lot less), but seemed to vibrate intensely. The right wrist didn’t really hurt at all, and the vibration was almost unnoticeable too. The torso, feet and ankles are apparently the more painful places. My daughter says the one on her ribs hurt. Of course, ignore this if you don’t want a tattoo, it’s certainly something you need to have a real commitment to.


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