We are Obsessed with Bipolar because this is a Civil Rights movement

Bipolar First Bipolar Together


we get so tired of Bipolar

living it

thinking about it

figuring it all out

tired of our pain

we may even get fatigued of each other’s pain

the stories

the sadness

the hearts broken

by brokenness.

The feeling of helplessness

overwhelmed by what we are up against


and individually


We don’t want to think about Bipolar all the time

but we don’t really have a choice

Bipolar is in us all of the time

we live it

and feel it

sure there are hours….days….weeks….years?

where it is simmering quietly on the back burner

politely letting us experience life without it

in a way

and it may even lure us into feeling sometimes

like it’s not really that bad

but the memories

can hold their trauma


To outsiders

we may look obsessed


and reading

and tweeting and


about it all of the time


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