All the Colors of Mania

I had a white mania a few weeks ago -I think I still have a bit of it going on actually, but much milder.

Bipolar First Bipolar Together

This is a little thought handle I use for myself and thought might interest some of you.

We all know that mania and depression are not just mania and depression.  They are complex and varied and there are a lot of different manias and a lot of different depressions.

And they all mix with each other.

Whew.  No wonder we’re confused.

And then there is that question of where the heck that line is between hypomania and mania.


But maybe I should actually explain them now.

I see three main colors for my Manias.  They obviously mix.  I will go through them now because it is fun.  Feel free to use them for describing your own Bipolar if you want just toss me some cred…and maybe they don’t jive for you because we all have different Bipolar.  Let’s see shall we?


First is….

White Mania

ah sigh


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