Be your own Psychiatrist. Nobody is going to Fight for you but You

Advocate for yourself!

Bipolar First Bipolar Together

this is not for everyone.

If you have a good psychiatrist who you trust and who is helping you and who respects and understands you.

Then you have no problem

But too many people do not have that.

Too many people are being damaged or hurt by psychiatry for many different reasons.

and these people need help.

(this will not be popular with the docs)


Here is what I think….what I have been forced to think…

the only way through this is to accept that they are not helpful and that you are in charge of your care…

whether they think it or know it or not.

we have to figure out how to ummm manipulate them…i know i’m going to get rapped for that one

research read and ask others about meds…

I am a big dork in this way…

I went to CrazyMeds and other sites and…

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