More Bipolar than Thou…When we tear each other down

“We shal consider no one’s pain as less than our own” -NAMI Principle of Support

Bipolar First Bipolar Together

I want to talk about this thing that happens in our community.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of judging each other..

a lot of turning on each other

this is just so not okay guys

One of the biggest ways I see this happen is doubting each other’s diagnoses

Which is absurd when you internalize that fact that we all have DIFFERENT Bipolar

Our Bipolar is not all the same

so you cannot declare another person to NOT be Bipolar

or to be LESS Bipolar

on and on

I have seen people get told they must not REALLY be Bipolar when they…

manage without meds

when they manage with small amounts of meds

when they get a good med combo right away or soon

when they can function through episodes

when they haven’t been hospitalized

when their dx is Bipolar 2

when their dx is Cyclothymia

when their dx is Bipolar…

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