Why don’t people with mental health problems just get a job?

As someone on disability in the US, it’s interesting to see some of the differences. It doesn’t sound pleasant in the UK either…


Last week I went to the House of Lords, something I found quite intimidating. Thankfully I was supported by a member of Rethink campaigns team in giving oral evidence to a Parliamentary Review. Chaired by Lord Low of Dalston, the Review was set up to assess the likely impact of a proposed benefit cut. The cut would affect the amount of money awarded to people claiming Employment and Support Allowance (sickness benefit) who have been put into the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG) (i.e. they are expected to attend appointments or carry out tasks to improve their “employability”). Currently people in the WRAG group receive £102.15 a week; the proposed cut, planned for April 2017, would see that figure drop by £30 a week. My role was to give Lord Low a sense of how hard it is for those of us with mental health problems to cope with the benefits system and with job-seeking, and the likely…

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