Please Tell Me that I am Crazy-Diagnosis

I was so relieved when I was diagnosed with bipolar, suddenly there
was a solution…

Bipolar First Bipolar Together


How did you feel when the doctor looked at you and said “Bipolar” for the first time?



This month marks my five year diagnosis anniversary.

Five years

My Bipolar dx and I now have five years under our belts


Diagnosis is a complex thing and impacts everyone differently

some people rail against it…denying denying going years without taking it

some people embrace it fully…relieved…

some people (like me) do both alternatively and concurrently

there is a lot of fuss and turmoil about “labels”

people hate to be “labeled”

The actual definition of label is fairly benign, mostly just talking about the descriptive and/or categorical attempt

maybe that is what bothers people But I think it is more the societal use of the word.  It has taken on more meaning.  And definitely negative meaning.

When people use the word label as in

“don’t label me”



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