On being a maker, er… Human

Kokomo, IN. The makerspace is coming along well…

The SHAK Makerspace

In archaeology, it is critical when looking at a site to understand the tools and artifacts that remain.  These things are often used to classify or characterize the people we are trying to re-discover.  This is because we define being “human” as being the makers of things and ideas.  This is so critical to our self identification that one of the earliest homo species is called  homo habilus  or “handy man” because of the evidence of their tool making abilities.

12196242_320312338143900_1795399407433908013_nI hold that in their heart, Everyone  is either some kind of maker, or someone who aspires to learn  to make. You might make dinner from scratch once in a while.  Perhaps you sketch, tinker with electronics, weave rugs, sew clothes, take & edit photos, write computer programs, carve, weld, or do something else where you start with materials and make them into something else.


My favorite way to greet…

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