Stigma is a Red Herring-Let’s Turn and Face the Real Enemy

Bipolar First Bipolar Together

If you read nothing else I write. Read. This.


Fighting Stigma is noble and necessary but it is not the Real issue

It is AN issue

But not THE issue

Stigma is in the minds of people

Stigma is not an action

And we need action

Even “ending” Stigma doesn’t really help us out if it isn’t accompanied by action

Our battle cry should not just be Stigma

It should be


We need to start demanding Equality

Most specifically Equality in Healthcare but also in the workplace and in the Law

Because we are not treated Equally when it comes to Healthcare

We are not

In fact we are SEPARATED into a whole other category

Our illnesses not fit to be included in the Normal Healthcare System

Our serious chronic illnesses are relegated to the “Behavioral Health” sections

And anyone who has spent two minutes on the phone…

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