Behind the White Coat

It has been said that glitter is the STD of the craft world. I would pose that Legos* are a much bigger threat to humanity than glitter. Thanks to my dear, sweet children, they infest every nook and cranny of my house, hiding where I least expect it. I swear they breed and reproduce like rabbits. And unlike glitter Legos hurt like hell if you step on them. Glitter is essentially harmless.

In fact, I don’t need guns for self defense. I have thousands upon thousands of Legos.

But you know what? Legos are also a kind of therapy.

This weekend I spent about 12 hours organizing Lego parts into bins. You know what is sick about that? I really enjoyed it. Lego caters to a specific disorder: people with OCD hoarding issues.

“Mommy, why are you STILL doing that?”

“Why can’t you just dump them in that bin, mommy?”

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