What is the true prevalence of bipolar disorder?

I was originally diagnosed with major depression. Th antidepressant prescribed led to a truly epic mania… 🙂

Our Lived Experience

Based on the article: Prevalence, chronicity, burden and borders of bipolar disorder by Fagiolini, A et.al. Journal of affective disorders 148 (2013) 161-169

The traditional defining feature of bipolar disorder has always been the prevalence of a manic or hypomanic episode alternating or occuring cocurrently with a depressive episode.

Depression is a relatively easy condition to diagnose where as bipolar disorder poses more challenges due to a lack of information and the need of historical input together with the evaluation of current symptoms. This is the main reason behind many people suffering from bipolar disorder (especially type 2) get misdiagnosed with unipolar depression.

In a study conducted in a psychiatric setting, of the 203 patients presenting with a mojar depressive episode, only 103 were found to have unipolar depression, the rest were diagnosed with Bipolar disorder type 1 or 2. To add to this, another study have found that between…

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