What does BIPOLAR mean to you?

This is how I feel about it, taken from one of the authors: “Asking someone with bipolar what it feels like to be bipolar is like asking someone what it feels like to be human. Being bipolar feels like me. Its all I’ve ever known, its who I am”

Our Lived Experience

In recognition of Our Lived Experience’s first birthday, we posed this question to some of our contributors. Here is what they had to say:

CHARLOTTE – http://www.charlottewessels.wordpress.com

Recently I had to deliver a talk about how you can live a full life in spite of bipolar disorder. In fact, how it can contribute to living a full life.

It all depends on your perspective. For most bipolars, the disorder has cost us something, like a career, a marriage, sanity even. But today I want to tell you the truth, bipolar can buy you something as well. If it wasn’t for my bipolar I’d be a very rich successful engineer, but I’d be a brat, self-centered and full of pride. Bipolar has made me the opposite, and to me, character is worth more than possessions.

So in my case my bipolar is a curse most days, but in the grand scheme…

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