To Lithium or Not to Lithium…that is the question

Lithium gave me pretty much the same feeling myself. I had to stop it due to really bad tremors.

Bipolar First Bipolar Together

(I wrote this awhile ago but never published it and now after my previous post remembered it.  It is funny since he has since contradicted himself big time and taken Lithium off the table for the long haul…whatthefuckever!)

You know there are times that I am just going about my life…

and then maybe the chronic low level blahness of Bipolar kicks up a little and I find myself shriveling or rattling or crying

and I think

I fucking hate this

And from there my thought marble drops down the stairs




to Lithium


Because while I do very well on my current meds my Pdoc has said that he’d like me to consider Lithium for the long haul.

He said that if I was really serious about wanting to stop the cycling….all the symptoms

that Lithium is where it’s at.


and of course my next…

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