Abusers and their insecurities

Many people need to read this especially the “He already has” quote at the end…

Living with Depression


I have escaped an emotionally and physically abusive relationship nearly 3 years ago but I still receive abusive messages now and then to this day.

It took me a very long time to overcome the emotional damage and to finally realize that the problem wasn’t me after all… it was the abuser.

At the very beginning abusers come across as the most carrying and kindest people in the world.

They will always listen to you and support you no matter what until you are “deep enough” for the abuse to start.

Once you have felt the unconditional love, 24/7 support and a non-stop attention you are more than likely to want to give the same in return.

And that’s key (well one of them) to a successful relationship once both parties are participating in a relationship.

But what is different about an abusive relationship is that suddenly your unconditional love 

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