More Mental Health Stigma (and discrimination)


First, a bit of an update on the last entry.(I’m angry, Mental Health Stigma) We have heard nothing from DCS (CPS in most states). They tell us that it’s policy not to share the report with the foster family affected until a final decision on the license has been made. Karla said, OK, where can I find this policy in writing? So they sent her an email with three very large attachments from their web site. I suppose they expected her to accept that without the large effort of reading them. No, she read every word, and determined that, while there was information useful in other situations, none of it applied to our case. So she went to them again. This time, they gave her the location of the exact place on their site that forbade them giving the report to us. Nope, it didn’t say more than the fact that once the report was written, the report would be sent to the central processing people for a decision. Nothing about who not to send it to. So, she has contacted the Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services Commission. They advocate for people with disabilities. We’ll see if they can do anything, we’ve never worked with them before.

I’ve written another blog post, about my personal experiences with the stigma of mental health. Look for it in the next day or so…

4 thoughts on “More Mental Health Stigma (and discrimination)

  1. I just read your other post talking about the DCS and how they are treating you. It’s disgusting and shameful the way that worker treated you guys. I’m appalled and shocked especially since you have a clean history in the foster care system. The fact that he was being so invasive and condescending is beyond comprehension. I’m glad you are keeping your cool. You don’t deserve to have your daughter taken away and it shows a lot of maturity that you are being so cooperative despite all their Bulls hit. I wish you both the best of luck as this whole thing unfolds.


    1. Sorry, I missed this comment ’til now, I’m not sure how that happened.

      Yes, taking our daughter and being so condescending are both infuriating, of course, taking our daughter is by far the worst of the two…

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  2. How infuriating! I hope things get better for you soon and you get your license. Bless you for doing the work you do—DCS should be on their knees thanking you!


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