Update on: I’m angry, Mental Health Stigma


On May 8th I posted about the problems our family was having getting our foster license renewed due to my wife and I having bipolar disorder. You can read the details here and if you haven’t read it yet, this will make more sense if you check it out now.

The letter we expected came yesterday: DENIED. Even though we were expecting it, we were rather upset by it. It’s one thing to expect bad, life-changing news, but it’s entirely another thing to have it confirmed. To have it shoved in your face. The letter said that our license was being denied because we’d been in the hospital for suicidal thoughts a combined eight times between 2014 and 2016. The actual number is much lower, my memory says three, one for me, two for Karla, Karla says that she’s been in more than twice, I don’t remember that. In any case, it not eight, we’ve decided that they must have counted partial programs and therapy groups. Ridiculous. We never went in the hospital at the same time, and if you read the original blog post, you’ll see that the official DCS training recommends psychiatric hospitalization as a good no-harm thing for foster parents in need of it. They also cited some financial problems we’ve been having as making us unsuitable as foster parents. Seriously? We’ve always had food on the table, the lights have always been on, and if we fell a month behind on the house payment, we did get it caught up with no penalty of any kind. The financial problems are pretty much solved at this point. Interestingly enough, they cited this blog as a major source of their information. Strange, as it’s very much a secondary source, everything here can be found in its original form in other places that they have full access to. So why the mention of the blog in the official letter? Some sort of jab? I don’t really know…

Will we appeal this? Of course. We have several agencies interested in the case, and are looking at the possibility of a lawyer as well. I’m really not sure what will be possible, let alone what will happen, but I’ll keep my hopes up, and keep everyone updated here.

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