The Other 10%

10 years and counting, both of us with bipolar!


I read an article on Psych Central awhile back that’s been stuck in the back of my mind for some time. It contained a shocking statistic about marriages in which at least one partner has bipolar disorder: 90% of these unions end in divorce. Ninety percent! That means only one marriage out of ten survives the ravages of BP. And I can’t even imagine what the numbers are for those in which both partners have the illness.

I could have gone the rest of my life without knowing that. After all, I managed to blunder through 30+ years of marriage before I even knew I was BP. But it got me to thinking …how did Will and I make it? What gave us the edge over all the couples who split up over bipolar disorder?

Naturally, I have to give Will a huge amount of credit for sticking with me—literally—through thick and thin, good and bad, mania and depression…

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2 thoughts on “The Other 10%

  1. I married an alcoholic. 17 years later and we got divorced. Since then I’ve come to realize what a perfectly co-dependent relationship we shared. He blamed his drinking on my moods, and I blamed my moods on his drinking. When I knew I had to leave him, I also had to accept I did indeed have bipolar and needed to embrace treatment in order to take care of myself. It always interests me how dysfunction attracts dysfunction


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