A second look at bullying in my life

Bullied As I recently read an article about bullying and its effects, https://www.goodtherapy.org/blog/how-therapy-helps-heal-scars-of-childhood-bullying-1012164 I remembered that I had written a post about my experiences with bullies, http://www.buchanan1.net/blog-10AU16.html My post was more about the facts of what happened, the article I just read discussed the long-lasting effects of having been bullied. So, what were the long-lasting effects for me? I’d… Continue reading A second look at bullying in my life

Does It Help When Celebrities Talk About Mental Illness?

Originally posted on Bipolar Me:
It usually doesn’t hurt. But how much does it help? That depends on who is talking about mental illness and what they say. Celebrity Activists We need more mental health advocates like actors Carrie Fisher and Glenn Close. Both of them have spent years talking about their own and their loved…

Don’t Tell Me Not to Feel the Way I Feel

Originally posted on Bipolar Me:
“Don’t be sad/angry/upset.” “Calm down.” “Smile. It’ll make you feel better.” “Stop getting all revved up.” Never in the history of ever has any communication of this sort had the desired effect on a person – especially one with bipolar disorder. When you offer this sort of “advice,” what you…

Then and now, a tale of two hospitalizations

  I’ve been inpatient for psych several times over the years. The first time was in October 2003, the latest was in November 2015. Twelve years and the same ward of the same hospital. So different in so many ways. One thing did not change, the staff was friendly, polite, and treated me well both… Continue reading Then and now, a tale of two hospitalizations

Early memories (When Medicine Got it Wrong)

  It’s weird how we don’t remember much, or anything about our very early childhood. This is known as Childhood Amnesia. My very first memory is walking in my father’s garden and looking down the stairwell that led down to the basement door. My second earliest memory is planting an apple tree in our front… Continue reading Early memories (When Medicine Got it Wrong)