I think my life has become a country/western song

It’s been a little more than a week since I’ve posted an update. I thought you all might be interested in what’s happened in that time (and a little before that). It hasn’t been great. First off, my wife had a freak accident and is now blind in one eye. This has been hard for… Continue reading I think my life has become a country/western song

Stupid and Ignorant but can’t be Blamed….or can they?

Originally posted on Bipolar First Bipolar Together:
hEY y’all get this The other day I was at an event of sorts.  You know lots of people.  Many who know each other talking loudly in circles.  I was mostly quiet with my small band of mostly quiet companions. I found myself overhearing a neighboring conversation and…

Some songs about mental illness

Yesterday I posted some songs on Facebook and Twitter, I called them, “The Official Song of Depression”, “The Official Song of Anxiety Disorders”, “The official Song of Bipolar”, and “The Official Song of Schizophrenia”. Songs speak to us in a way that words alone can not. There are many go-to songs that have helped me… Continue reading Some songs about mental illness